Who am I, Tanja?

Once I believed that the more competent I was to help and hold space for others, the more accepted and loved I would be, both in my professional and private life. I slept very little and was always on the go – work, education, sports and social events. I ate after the changing dietary advices, rather than listening to my body’s needs and pleasure.


I ran to escape my feelings

In retrospect, I ran fast – way too fast! In order not to feel myself, my body, my feelings – my power and pain! But I also cut myself off from feeling the love and freedom, the qualities and the potential that was waiting inside me to be redeemed. I had bulimia and was close to a depression. It wasn’t until my body’s basic functions started to close down that I realised something was off and I reached out for receive help. 

My inner journey and healing started. With loving assistance, my feelings and body were finally to be felt. I got in touch with a deep truth within me that I had overheard for far too long. Today I am grateful that my body screamed STOP and that I listened so I avoided getting seriously ill!


Inner upgrade – I became a mother

The next level of my inner journey was initiated in 2013 when I became pregnant and became a mother. A single I finally felt I had learned to embrace and respect my needs and boundaries – Now I was offered an upgrade: was I able to maintain these qualities as a mother and in a family?  Despite knowing all my patterns quite well, I jumped right in once again! And I only managed to pull myself up just before I hit rock bottom. My daughter and close relationships are my greatest teachers. They mirror EVERYTHING in me, my patterns and everything I once shut down that needs to be remembered, felt, embraced and met with love.


Spirituality and sexuality

In 2012, I discovered that my sexuality is a pure and very big part of my essence. Since then, I have been on an inner journey to let go of inappropriate patterns, to feel and live my life from my heart, to embrace the life and mystery of my yoni – and very important – to unite the two. On the journey, I have met, redeemed and healed old pain – physically and emotionally. The journey is on-going and while it sometimes feels like I’m groping my way forward, I know I’m on my way HOME. Step by step, I open myself to more enjoyment and deeper relationships . I feel more alive, creative and free. I have traveled long enough to know that for me spirituality and sexuality in their essence is pure love and one. Just like everything else.



I am deeply grateful for my willingness and courage to open my heart, see and feel truth within, owning my part of the imbalances in my relationships, for my professional tools and for the indispensable support I get from my loved ones. Although the journey is not always pretty or easy, I feel that every step, even if the detours I do take, bring oceans of learning, wisdom and deep connection with myself and my loved ones. A life-long journey that I find infinitely beautiful.


I’d rather be authentic and trustworthy than perfect!

I have come to realise that it is more important to be authentic and trustworthy than to be competent. Both professionally and personally, it is my experience that the adventure and magic only begin to unfold when you own who you are – both in the best and the less pretty version. When you take responsibility for and give love to it all.


I believe in:

  • love
  • that we are here to remember who we ARE, to enjoy and honor life, and learn untangle ourselves from the webs of ego and society
  • that HOME is a feeling inside and it is our responsibility to live a life that makes sense – for us!
  • evolution and that we must BE the change we want to see in the world.

As a woman, body therapist and healer, I want to contribute to a world where everyone feels loved, alive, worthy, connected, free and safe – in themselves, in their relationships and in life.


Do you want to co-create this world by daring to be you – with everything you are?

Then come – there’s SO much need for everyone’s contribution!!! 


Lots of love Tanja 


Life1978- ?
On a daily basis both my private and professional life provides a wide spectrum of opportunities to choose love and inner growth – through the challenges I face myself and the people who bravely share their hearts , wisdom , vulnerability and challenges with me. All elements that contribute and/or challenge me in taking responsibility, being trustworthy and being the authority of my life.


2019 – 2021:

Mentoring & online courses with Chris Bale, Sexalchymist, energyworker og mentor.


2019 – 2021:

Mentoring & online courses with Genevieve, Sex- and EroticBlueprint coach.


2019 – 2021:
Mentoring & online courses with Sofia Sundari, Author and mentor in sexual energy og pure spirituality.


2017 – 2018:
Mentoring & online courses with Dr. Saida Desilet, On sexuality, erotic intelligense, gourmet relationships.


2017 – 2018:
Mentoring & online coruses hos Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Conscious parenting, relating and lifechoises


2017 – 2018:
Mentoring & online courses with Suzi Lula, Self care, Intimacy and motherhood.



Assistant in Leading energy & essence practitioner LEEP hold 8.


2013 – 2015:

Bodytherapy – Omnitherapy. Has given me simple and effective therapeutic tools to support clients in returning back home to themselves and their body and to release the blockages that prevent their innate qualities to be set free and used.



Leading energy & essence practitioner LEEP. Has given me the tools to clarify and sharpen personal and professional competences and put them into practice and not least to take leadership.


2010 – 2011:

Modul 1 og 2, Graduationsterapy. This therapy offers a very beautiful and absolutely essential knowledge and understanding about love, which is extremely important in terms of clarifying and treating all emotional imbalances.


2009 – 2011:

Bodytherapist from Body-sds A/S. Have equipped me with treatment techniques and an approach that creates a greater and deeper insight in the body-mind connection and how they corelate.


2006 – 2008:

Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle coach (HLC 1+2), Chek Institute US. Has given me knowledge about the importance of breath, stress levels, fluid balance, sleep, digestion and quality of dietary in relation to healing of injuries,create a healthy body as well as keeping a high level of energy and quality of life.


2000 – 2006:

Bachelor degree in physiotherapy (Denmark) and Exercise coach, Chek Institute US. Has given me a basic knowledge of the body’s anatomy, physiology and diseases. I have gained expertise around body posture, movements and functions and how these influence and burdens the body at work and in sports, A knowledge that has also equipped me with the ability to understand and communicate with the established medical system.