Worthiness, intimacy, aliveness and learning are key to my sessions. 

Most of us are deeply conditioned by our upbringing and society to constantly perform and look outside ourselves to find love and validation in an endless attempt to succeed in relationships, work and life. 


Striving to perform keeps us disconnected from our body and emotions. Many have lost the ability to be intimate and hold ourselves in intense sensations in life – through fear, anger, grief, loneliness, guilt, shame, pain and pleasure. 

It leaves us disconnected from our inner wisdom and truth. 


Our health and wellbeing are compromised, we are challenged – and might even suffer in relationships and life.


My deepest desire is to remind you of how magnificent, wise, loving and beautiful you are. You are powerful beyond measure. I will support you by creating safe space within to feel, reconnect and reclaim your inner wisdom and authority. Breath by breath, step by step you will transform your relationship to yourself. Freeing yourself by dissolving the layers of conditionings and patterns that have prevented you from being able to simply BE, connect, feel, love and nourish the beautiful human you are.


The sessions are held online or in my clinic. We begin with a conversation around your challenges and desires. From here I support you in reconnecting and investigating those challenges from the perspective of your body, who holds both your aliveness, unconsciousness, innate wisdom, answers and truths. This will reveal your next most supporting steps from within to go forward.

Depending on your location you can either book a session in my clinic or an online session.




1 Bodytherapy session 120 Euros / 901 kr

5 x Bodytherapy sessions 534 Euros / 4005 kr

Here is what my clients says of my online sessions:

Ready for an inner adventure?