Intimately Alive | A universe of intimacy | Body therapist Tanja Hoeg Løhndorf

“My deepest wish is to remind humans of who they are in essence”

I want to contribute to a world where everyone feels loved, worthy, connected, free, safe and comfortable – in their own skin, relationships, and in life. Unique and equal at once – equally important and equally worthy. 


I believe that intimacy, first and foremost the one with ourselves, is the key to that world. With a loving, conscious and respectful inner intimate relationship, we will naturally meet our partner, children, friends, family, colleagues etc. in the same way. In this way, the world is transformed from the inside out.


Do you want to be a co-creator of this world and to be a catalyst for change? Then you have arrived the right universe and I WOULD LOVE to support and inspire you!

Many associate intimacy solely with the act of sex. At the same time, many have sex from the head - without contact with body, emotions, needs & boundaries .

This is lack of intimacy and the root of many challenges!

Intimacy carries the potential for SO much more pleasure, sensuality, aliveness & connection than many experience.

What is intimacy for me?

Most people have unmet needs, exeeded boundaries, betrayels and trauma from past experiences in childhood or relationships – on physical , emotional and sexual levels. It creates an uncertainty within and we easily repeat our painful experiences over and over again – without really wanting to.


Different survival strategies have caused many to navigate throughout life from their head – distanced or completely disconnected from their body and emotions. It creates the same distance in intimate relationships along with lots of misunderstandings and frustrations. Many are afraid to open their hearts again and show their innermost. They may even have lost confidence that relationships can be of any different experience to them


For that reason intimacy can be a vulnerable thing to invite back in. 


Sounds familiar?